April 16, 2014

Bunny cupcakes

Every morning when I ask Rosie what she wants for breakfast she replies " let's make pancakes mommy!" She loves to help cook/bake, and anything of the sort. It wasn't until recently we realized the connection between her favorite show Ratatouille, hence the love for baking and cooking. 
She could seriously sit on the counter for hours and cook with me. It takes about three times as long to make something as simple as spaghetti, and it is always a big messy kitchen scene when we are finished, but she loves it so so much! It's worth the time and the mess just to watch her explore, learn, and create. Of course her favorite part is always cracking the eggs! SMACK smack smack! She basically hits them on the counter until they're completely falling apart, smiling the whole time. I love it. This morning we made some Easter cupcakes for our friends at playgroup. 
Rosie was in heaven, pouring flour, cracking eggs, and most of all- eating the frosting!

 (I found these cute little Wilton sugar bunnies at Wal-mart, and had to use them for something!)