April 17, 2014

When Mimi visits

When Mimi visits, 
We SHOP!!!
We play at the beach 

 and shop some more!!
 We spend our days in the sunshine, eating lunch by the poolside.
We Show her our favorite Florida adventures, like strawberry picking.

 And............. then we all cry when she has to go back home :(

I truly treasure her visits. There is nothing like having my Mama here to wake up with in the morning and go on walks, shop with, cook with, laugh with, and drive all over town with. 
We both love to spend time in the sunshine and just talk. It's the most perfect time spent with her. 
I miss her every single day and when she is here I get so used to it, when the time comes for her to go home it is almost unbearable. We both start crying days before she even has to leave, ha! 
I always always wish that it will get easier, but it really never does. 
The visits are so special though. 
I am more than grateful for the memories we make each time she comes to visit us.
The time is so special and we are so lucky to get to have her be with us one on one, 
and to spend every minute together. Rosie gets to have a week full of sleepovers, drink Diet Coke, eat popcorn, and have 100% attention from her Mimi. It's quite perfect!
We are already counting down the days until she comes back. 

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  1. i love this. she is so cute and there is just nothing better than time with your mama! xo