April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

 We had a fun Saturday of Easter celebrations, parties and egg hunts galore.  We spent Easter Sunday together just the three of us after church. It was really nice to be able to relax and spend the day with each other. However, I have never cooked my own Easter dinner, so this was a first! John and I both thought the other one got the ham at the grocery store, so we ended up throwing together a chicken dish instead. We definitely didn't forget the classic 'funeral/easter/mormon potatoes' (whatever you may call them). We had a 9x13 pan for the two of us and Rosie..... no joke we ate half of it that night and by the next night the pan was empty. So delicious, but so not great that between the three of us (who am I kidding, Rosie only had about 1/2 cup) we went through a whole pan in two days! 
Anyways, it was a good Easter. I usually don't take photos at church, but I had to snap a pic of Rosie coloring our Easter lesson packet. I never ever want to forget the sweet experience we had while at church this Easter. We were watching a short film during part of our lesson, Rosie was coloring on the floor for a bit and I didn't realize she was paying such close attention to the movie. While we watched on the screen the story of Christ and the pain he suffered his last few days, she watched intently. I was worried she would get a bit nervous or feel the intensity and sadness of the few scenes, she just kept watching. The last scene showed Christ on the cross and then changed to inside the tomb. It was silent, nothing was said, the screen changed to black with a flower petal slowly falling. "Jesus is all better mommy" she proclaimed, with a sweet sure smile on her face. She looked up at all of us and said it again. All the women in the room started to cry and smile, it was such a sweet, sweet moment. One that I hope to keep with me in my thoughts and remember forever. It was a beautiful day. 
I am so grateful for Easter and the reason we celebrate.

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