May 19, 2014

Maternity photos & dresses

This pregnancy has gone by in the blink of any eye. I remember sitting on the foot of Rosie's bed one night telling her how she was going to be a big sister in five short months. 
I was thinking about too many things like baby names, what I wanted to accomplish before the baby arrives, things to do with Rosie while she's still the one and only, etc.
 It seemed like I had so much time, and now here we are.
In less than three weeks we will have another little sweetheart in our family. 
It's hard to imagine. I love the thought and I get scared at the thought too. 
I just can't believe how quickly it has come. I am trying to be all here for Rosie and 
give her my full attention, while getting everything ready for baby. 
I haven't taken near as many photos during this pregnancy as I did with the first. 
I am glad to have these few photos to remember this special time, 
this miracle that we so often forget is such. As hard as it can be, there's something so special 
about the miracle of pregnancy and being able to go through such a process. 
It's incredible. 

 (taken at 36 weeks)

 Dresses are my pregnancy staples!
There's nothing comfortable about waistbands while pregnant, 
I can't stand it. So, dresses almost every day for me. I love this one from Pink Blush Maternity
It's so comfortable, yet looks fancy. My kind of an outfit! Comfy, but not a sacrifice for style. Ha!
Check them out, they have the cutest, airy, summer looks right now.