May 14, 2014

Bump Nest Pillow

All the memories of the last month of pregnancy are coming back to me lately.
Not being able to bend over, taking twenty minutes to buckle a shoe because I can't really see the buckle while bending over, waking up ten times a night to go pee, trying to get comfy on the couch, in the car, in bed, etc. Oh the joys! Don't get me wrong, the excitement and wonder of a new little one arriving is happy enough to almost be worth all the tough parts......... and like everyone says, somehow when the sweet baby is born and in your arms, all the uncomfortable and tough moments are magically forgotten.  I sure can't wait for this sweet little baby to be here. 
In the mean time, this Bump Nest Pregnancy pillow has been my night time lifesaver!
It is the softest ever, perfect pillow for those uncomfortable months. 
It is huge, and my husband wonders what the heck it's doing in our bed, but, it's so helpful. 
(We've also found some other great uses for it too.)
These two pretty much think it's their movie watching station. 

 They come in beautiful different fabrics.
Bump Nest is giving my readers a discount until June 30th. 
Just type in the code ELOISE10 at checkout.


  1. Oh, I loved the Bump Nest. I wrote a blog about it. It is so super comfy and I have no intention of giving it up after the baby is born. I’m six months pregnant and have been using it for about a month or two. I recommend it to everyone.