November 18, 2014

Be Thankful/Giving Tree DIY

 We had a fun time creating this giving tree.
I wanted to do something of the sorts,
like this amazing Give With Thanks  project from The Small Seed
but didn't have a ton of time (or energy ha!) to even pack the babes in the car
 to Kinkos to print the fabulous free tree printable they have. 
So, I figured out a way to make it quick, cheap, and including the little ones too. 
We had a fun time collecting fallen tree branches/twigs one morning.
We gathered them up, spray painted them gold, and then cut out leaves for our 
Be Thankful/Giving Tree

We write little messages of gratitude or acts of service we do, then simply poke a hole in them and pop them onto the branches. So easy, fun, and resourceful (going to use the gold branches for Christmas decor after Thanksgiving) so its definitely a win, win. 
Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. This is beautiful! I am a new follower but enjoying getting to know you!