April 10, 2015

Laundry with Persil Proclean

So, laundry is pretty much the NEVER ENDING chore! I swear it's nearly impossible to be completely caught up with laundry. I have to admit, my Mom always did my laundry growing up- until I got married actually! She was the stain remover pro too. Learned it from my Grandma who could always get a stain out! So I was in for a bit of a shock when suddenly I was doing laundry for two (more like 4) because my husband only wears something once and has to wash it! I can joke about it on here because I give him a hard time and he's fine with it. I just don't have as much laundry since I wear things more than once.... Just sayin'!

Anyways, with two babes, a dog, and two adults, you can bet we have massive amounts of laundry these days! 
Spit up, spills, diaper issues, dirt, grass, markers, paint, treats, spaghetti, blueberries, etc. It's never ending. I hate when I pull clothes out of the washer and they need more attention. 

I was so excited to try out the new detergent, Persil Proclean
First off, it smells amazing! I love the smell of fresh laundry, it's almost unmatchable. 

It comes in three different forms

Power Pearls- An innovative new kind of detergent that is loaded with Pro-White technology for dazzling whites.  Also for colors. *my personal fav! 

Power-Liquid – Combination of stain-fighters that help break down stains for an exceptional clean.

Power-Caps - Pre-measured detergent capsule combines Pro-Lift Stain Removers plus a Brightness Formula for a premium clean. I love these when I am in a hurry and just drop it into the load. 

I'm excited to keep using this detergent and to see how it continues to work/wear on our clothes. 
So far, so good! 
+how cute is the little butler bow tie on their bottles?! 

To enter the Persil Proclean Night on the town giveaway!!! 
A year supply of Persil and a Premium night on town includes a $300 Nordstrom.com gift card, $200 OpenTable.com gift card, and a $150 Uber.com card credit. A second place winner will also receive a year supply of Persil®.

This is a sponsored post. Eloise and me has received products/trade and it payment from Persil Proclean in exchange for promoting, however ALL opinions stated are our own.