March 26, 2015

Sweet strawberry memories

So, Strawberry picking in the deep country of Florida is one of my all time favorite memories.
I will never forget the warm, sunny and perfect days spending hours in the endless rows of strawberries with my Rosie girl. We would always meet up with friends for some pickin' then we would stay for hours after and just live it up together. We would come home dirty and sticky sweet, with sun kissed cheeks. My perfect kind of days. I was so sad to not be in Florida for strawberry season this year. (I tried to talk John into flying us there just so we could keep tradition and strawberry pick together.) So, today the photos from our past picking adventures will have to do.... I am just imagining the sweet smell and unbelievable taste of the berries as we sat in the dirt!
Strawberry fields forever ...... On my mind!
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