August 17, 2016

Unicorn Party! (Unicorn dance party, that is)

Rosie requested a "Unicorn Dance Party" for her fourth Birthday!
I had to smile because she's totally my kind of girl, any party should have "dance party" added to the end of it right? It was a lot of fun planning this party because she had opinions on things and she was so into helping me pick everything out. It was exactly what her colorful, sparkly, dreams had dreamt. 

 Our signature pose together 

  This unicorn bark was so easy to make, Rosie picked out all the colors and sprinkles. 

All these cute unicorn details, picks, banners, etc. are from Meri Meri. 
The cutest, most magical party decorations. 

 I usually make the cakes for my girls, but I knew it wasn't going to work out with the timing this time, so I had the cake made by Granite Bakery. They frosted it so perfectly and then Rosie and I poured on the glitter sugar and fluffed up a few pieces of cotton candy with the flowers and unicorns.
It turned out so fun!
 I made these "unicorn horn" crescent rolls, super easy and the kids loved them.
 The pixie dust was one of the hits of the party along with this list I found on pinterest where it finds your "unicorn name" and the girls literally listened so intently, each giggling and smiling as we poured the dust on their head as they received their unicorn names. 

 Birthday girl with her unicorn horn

 The unicorn dance party!!!

 It was pretty magical when we had a real unicorn show up!!
Dolly, was her name. 
Each of the girls got a chance to ride. It was such a fun sight to see walking through our backyard ha!

 Pin the horn on the unicorn. 
I also found this on pinterest, but I was in too big of a hurry to get it printed, sooooooo luckily my husband has much better art skills than I do, and he quickly drew this unicorn for me!
we used these easy expressions Vinyl sheets and cut out the horns. 

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