July 5, 2010


Today is my Mama's Birthday!
I can't even express my gratitude and love for her. She is beautiful in every way!
She's the most sensitive, genuine, caring person. She is constantly doing something for someone else, and smiling the entire time.
Not too long ago, I was at a church event with my Mama. She was sitting on the stand in the Chapel, in front of a large crowd of women. Afterwords, I was making my way to meet up with her, a woman stopped me and said, "Is that your mother?" Yes I said, as I smiled. "I was watching her this whole afternoon and noticed her beautiful smile. She did not stop smiling once. It really made an impression on me and my attitude. I realized how one smiling person can impact so many poeple."
"That's her" I said...... I haven't stop thinking about this conversation since then. My mom didn't even have to speak to this woman, she just knew how amazing and happy she was by watching her. I try to remember this everyday, and I try even harder to be more like her everyday!!
She is my best friend and I love her so much. She is simply WONDERFUL!
Happy Birthday Mama!!

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