August 12, 2010

Free Bird

One Friday evening, we packed up our blankets and cameras, and drove out to the countryside for the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. (The God and Guns Tour) No joke! That was seriously the name of the tour. We laughed everytime we looked at our tickets...
Nothing like a Southern Rock Concert.

It was a beautiful night. Halfway through the concert it started to storm. A huge storm. Pouring rain, wet grass, mud, hundreds of people, and more mud, you can only imagine. We headed to Whitney's parents house. Pure bliss.
The smell of fresh rain, mountains, and calm, quiet, after storm sparkle. It was such a peaceful
feeling. For the first time all summer, I smelled the outdoors, and I realized how much I miss it.
We enjoyed the country and dipped our feet in the hot tub.
While in the hot tub, I was splashing my hands around, just relaxing, catching some leaves that had blown in from the storm, when I suddenly had a FROG in my hand!!!
I freaked out. It was such a surprise. I flung it off my hand immedietely. Laying on the edge of the pool, up and down his little stomach was going, he was trying soo hard to breath. It broke my heart.
"Do something, do something" I said to John and Rob, "let's get him into some cool water"
John's response "Oh Blakes, come on, he's been boiled, baked, done, just like you boil food in water. "
Very comforting right? ha ha.
Motorcycle parking.
Whitney took this picture of John, just dreaming about one of his own.
The Fans.
Almost as entertaining as the concert itself. Watching all the fans and their concert getups, too funny!
They SERIOUSLY wore these to the concert. When asked for a photo, she said "hold on let me get situated".

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  1. Blakes you are too cute and looks like you are having so much fun! When you come back we should catch up! Eh?