August 13, 2010

A Wonderful Wife, A Wonderful Life

Tomorrow is our first year wedding anniversary...and this post will be the first contribution I make to our blog since Blakely created it. I know how much she enjoys blogging -- and this because of how much she enjoys reading about the people she loves and sharing our life's on-goings in return -- so I would like to pay tribute to my wonderful Blakely on our blog.

Many of you know and see just how wonderful she truly is...characterizing kindness and love more fully than anyone I know. She is a companion beyond the dreams I dreamed of a wife - a sunny reality. Our love is a timeless force to ever enrich our lives...and I hope we can share such a gift with as many others as possible - I'm struck with gratitude.

A gift for her:

My Love – Hear me, oh hear

Let Fear confess her makeshift ways
And Doubt abandon his convey
Lust, be gone by Virtue pure
And thee Pride, shall not endure
To Wrath and Sloth, Envy, Greed
Whose roots do tremble b’side Truth’s seed
You have no place where our Love dwells
For inside my soul, Love holy swells

Then to this cause my heart cries out
Let Love, my Love to all be shout!

~j d b

I love you Blakely,


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