October 4, 2010

New York, New York

Coconut Water, in China town.... kind of random, but very hydrating I guess.
Times Square
Although this photo appears to be rather insignificant and boring, it was quite the eventful moment. Recovering from the colossal rainstorm we were caught walking in, John and I found a bench and decided to "relax" while we dumped the water out of our saturated shoes. Right as we sat down, we heard numerous sirens. They got louder and louder, multiplying. The sirens blared around us, and I started to freak out. Of course! Panic mode!
If you know me, you know I have a serious and redundant fret about terrorist attacks. Especially while in NYC.
I am not kidding, I started to run, fast, not knowing where I was going. Police all over, lights flashing, streets closing, crowds gathering.... we see one man being escorted to a police car. One man!! That's it! He was caught shoplifting in Times Square. That was the only reason for the uproar. Seriously?
I quickly learned

a. Don't panic when you see the whole fleet of fire trucks & police cars flying by in Times Square. (Or should I still?) b. NYC is a lot more protected than I can ever know. c. Don't shoplift.Favorite for the Mr. Favorite for the Mrs.
Rockefeller Plaza
John in heaven at the Lego store.
They have pink legos!!!
Lego Wall.
Our beeautiful Lady Liberty
The Brooklyn Bridge

We had to take this photo for our nephew Leo. Buzz is his hero. He couldnt believe that uncle John actually saw Buzz in New York.

It feels extremely crazy to think we will be living here, come January. Until then New York........


  1. My fave city! So can we stay with you while you're there?
    In your previous posts, you hair is dark? Did you go darker this summer for bit? Looks good either way.

  2. I Love love love your blog blakes!! TOO CUTE! and I had no idea you're moving to NYC in a month!! so exciting!!!

  3. Laurie! Of course you can stay with us!! That is what we will love about living there, we will get to have visitors often!!!! Yes, I had it dark for a while,it has been about 2 months and it became light again!! ha ha, the sun or something?