October 8, 2010

Phoenix & Tarzan

On our way home from New York, we got to visit John's sister and her family in Phoenix. 
It was still quite warm there, and I LOVED every minute of the heat. I really do love that weather. They always tell me that I wouldn't love it when it's 115 degrees all summer long, but I am pretty sure I would still love it. However, what I love most about this place.......

Swimming, tricks, sun-catching, and of course
John and the boys played some serious games of football on the wii. 
Ruby. I can't look at her without smiling.

More swimming. 
Shopping of course! Rebecca and I got to have a fun night out, at Charming Charlie.
We had so much fun, trying on accessories and listening to good tunes. 

It also wouldn't be a trip to Phoenix without Last Chance.  There could be a rad documentary on this place. Mostly the "regular" shoppers that basically live there. John and I talked to a woman who said " I have been here every morning for the past three years". No joke! These shoppers are SERIOUS! Waiting in line early, no pushing the gates, no running, no shoving, just a few of the rules. If you haven't been, I highly recommend you go someday. Experiencing the hunt with the regulars, is almost as great as the deals you find. Pretty sure it will be the most entertaining shopping experience you'll ever have. Once again, Last Chance did not disappoint, John and I had three successful mornings.(John would hate me for saying this, and I am a bit ashamed, he totally out-shopped me this trip)

I am soooo lucky my sweet Mom and aunt Dana were kind to pick me up at the Las Vegas airport, so I could go to Tarzan with them. It was a wonderful car ride, with lots to chat about. We then spent the weekend in St. George with family. I love being in St. George with my Grandparents. My Grandma Mary and her sisters planned a trip for the girls (plus cutest William, and Poppy) to see Tarzan at Tuachan. It was a fabulous play! I was amazed at the incredible acrobatics. 
Cousins with little Tarzan. He was quite the actor. 
The scenery was BEAUTIFUL. People I love, surrounded by the red rocks, fresh desert air, and a flawless sky, the night was stunning.  
Thank you for the fun times.

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