January 13, 2011

The best days

With you, today.

I Love this song. I'm grateful for the simple days in life, for those simple days mean the most.

Love you Mom and Dad

The few days before we moved were spent with the best company.
Family, friends, and no specific plans, just simple.
Simple, but the best.
Snowshoeing with Mom and Dad.
White frosting glistening as far as the eye can see. Fresh air. Beauty.

Kimball's artwork. He drew some great ones to take with us. We all crack up because he draws the "foreheads" on everyone. Makes you wonder what our foreheads really look like to a kid.
Kimball made me this sweet mailbox. Complete with a pen and paper, to make sure I write him lots of letters while I'm away. I smile every time I look at that pink decorated mailbox.
Watching football like usual.

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