April 29, 2011

38,000 feet

Eating mini heart shaped pretzels 38,000 feet up. On my way HOME!

On the "phone home" waiting at the airport. (I'm getting really good at waiting.... waiting... and waiting at airports.) As Benjamin Franklin said "He that can have patience, can have what he will". So, airports are good for me, I could use some patience in my bones.

Since we took off I've finished two papers (due today) seven assignments, one class discussion, and an online final exam!

I've also been glued to this .....
I "Royally Love" this whole event. Adore the dress.

Dreaming of someday going to an event where I can wear one of these!
I might decide to be a part-time princess someday.

And really can't wait for one more hour until I am back in the Salty City. Yeahhhhh!!