June 22, 2011

Spring Breakin'

Another fun visit for us.
Tom and Laura came to the city for 5 days. The weather was supposed to be warming up by the time they came, but it was still a bit chilly in the city. These two Las Vegas residents were freezing here in New York. Wearing their winter coats in March. It was awesome!!

Of course we had to hit up the purse shopping in China Town, where Laura seriously bought 8 bags. We were in this back room for at least an hour while we decided on the purchases. I love this picture, Laura smiling with all her purses and Tom shelling out the cash ha ha!
Hilarious sign on the streets of China Town.
DASH in Soho
Our nightly Magnolia Bakery desserts.

Knicks game. Sportin' the new sweat bands.

Laura and Tom surprised me and flew me back to Vegas with them for a week of spring break.
I finally had a break from the cold city. It was a much needed little break, and a fun time with all the kids. Uncle John sent the sweatbands home for all these guys! They look much better on these cute little faces.
Charlotte drinking her "biet coke"
Nathan turned 6.

Relaxing by the pool.
Once again, very grateful for another week with family.

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