June 22, 2011

Steaks, Shakes, and Lace

These two New Yorkers came to visit.
Holly and Paul are the real New Yorkers of the family, with a lot of great New York stories and experiences. Both John and I were so excited for them to visit and show us their "New York way". They introduced us to many great restaurants that will now be regular munching grounds.
Raoul's was delicious, the best steaks we have had in New York so far. We made numerous visits to the fabric stores, in awe of all the lace to decide upon, shopped around and of course, ate lots of treats.

We saw the movie Source Code at the theater right on our street. The same theater that I walked in at least twice a month just to buy a bag of movie theater popcorn for lunch, because I could smell it from our fourth floor apartment window...
Right before the movie started in walked the director and the star of the show, Jake Gyllenhall.
Being my star struck self , I freaked out, grabbed my camera, basically jumped down two flights of stairs and got to the front row to take some pics of him. Holly was laughing so hard at my instant reaction and panic to get close to him. It was hilarious. Needless to say, I got some pretty close pics.

Just walking through Union Square when we came upon the Annual NYC pillow fight.
Pretty nasty if you ask me, hundreds of people bringing their pillows out on the street and smacking each other with them. Feathers flying everywhere, along with an unimaginable amount of germs I'm sure. In a city fighting a massive bed bug problem, that's just wrong.. but hilarious to watch the people pillow fighting.
This was right before they took us to Stand for the BEST milkshakes ever to touch my taste-buds.
Seriously, toasted marshamallow gellato shake. I took down my whole shake in about two minutes, then John's whole shake, then felt sick, then got on the subway and threw up.
Not good.
The shakes were totally worth it though. I still dream about those shakes every week.
Trying to take a free picture of Ironman and Spiderman for Leo, at the Times Square Toys R Us. She was not going to let that happen. Pointing her fingers at us. ha ha!
Knicks game.
What a great week. We are so lucky to have these two visit us, and to experience their love for this city.

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