June 22, 2011


Time for some serious "Ketchup"
It's been a while since I've blogged and a very long while since these events took place, but I'm determined to do some catching up. After all, I don't scrapbook. Someday soon I will print a book of all our blog posts and it will be our first scrapbook together. cute.(sarcastic)

Speaking of Ketchup, we ate a lot of these yummy little pigs in a blanket while at the Knicks games. To this day, hot dogs are still one of my favorite foods. Yes, they really are. Especially the Costco ones. They're the best lunch deal ever. $1.50 for a huge yummy hot dog and diet coke. Can't beat it. I do have to say, these little guys are a close second. I looked forward to the Knicks games for the food even more than the actual game itself (John would be disappointed if he read this one) Anyways, the food was always delicious, and never ending. We were very lucky.
My favorite, Knicks colored sixlets.


One of these things is not like the other.....
A few years ago, I went with John to Last Chance in Phoenix. My first trip to this
If you know me, you know I'm a shopper, real extreme shopping. I find deals. "Special deals" I call them. Well, Last Chance is full of those special deals, you just have to have the patience to fight hundreds of crazies, stuff bags and carts full of merchandise, then find a corner in the store to go through the piles and decide what you'll actually take home. Then eliminate because you found too many special deals to pack in a suitcase home. While eliminating, dealing with people hovering about trying to snatch whatever you discard. It's intense, but I love it. Anyways, my experiences at that store could take up two full pages, so I'll get on with the story. While going through my piles in the back corner of the store, I realized I had snatched this bright blue dress. SUPER cute, comfy, $13.00 for a $120.00 dress.

Of course I had to get it, then my true blue hating thoughts started to run through my mind, and when I say blue I mean terribly blue, BYU. It's all I could think about. John looks up from his pile of suits (some of which had pants that went to his knees.... this is why you have to thoroughly examine all purchases) and says to me "That's a BYU dress, no, don't get it". I kept shopping and hung onto it for a few minutes. When I see a sign that reads Today, 50% of all dresses.... $6.50, what! The dress is only $6.50. So I decided to buy it, and have stashed it in the back of my closet, moved it across the country in our boxes, and hoped someday I'd have the perfect place to wear my blue dress. Well, I thought the perfect place came about, a Knicks game!! I finally got to bust my dress out, my Knicks dress. I thought it would be the only one, the perfect color, etc. Then I run into the Knicks city dancers and match them! Totally looks like I planned to match them. No, just finally wearing my dress.

The court
John and I reporting some major March Madness news. He's not messing around ha ha!
So, what I look forward to even a little more than the food at the Knicks games..... celebrities.
I have true passion, or problem if you want to call it. I love seeing celebrities. I scope them out at every game and I'll admit that once I even used my camera lens to zoom in on Lindsay Lohan to see her shoes ha ha! It's a weird fascination, I don't even know why they're so cool, or entertaining, but they are. A few of the celebs I spotted this season.

I'm still holding out for the Kardashians. I know they'll make an appearance sometime. They have to! ha ha!

John was in heaven, attending and working every home game. We are so lucky we had the opportunity to enjoy this awesome season.I loved watching John enjoy each & every minute of it.

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