June 5, 2013

Wedding on the waterfront

What a dreamy scene this was.
Tucked away in the greenest of green Florida country, this lake was so peaceful.
As we ate our dinner under the tent, the rain sprinkled all around, leaving the whole scene glistening. The sun was setting, the band was playing, little Rosebud was dancing, it was a beautiful night. 

The beautiful bride.                                             The five of us (& I officially look like a midget)

This girl takes after her mama: Loooooooooves to boogie woogie. 
She OWNED the dance floor. 
She danced all night & even stole some of the first dance with the groom~
In her element on the dance floor.
Right before she pulled that cord on the band.................
I can't even begin to explain how much I love the fact that I have my own little dance partner. 
I have waited my whole life for this beautiful tiny dancer. She makes my heart dance.

 I could kiss those chubby little hands and feet all day, every day.

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