August 15, 2013

Little Orlando Getaway

Rosie and I were so happy to spend a few days in Orlando with my parents.
It was the perfect little getaway. 
Pool all day. Rosie was queen of the cabana. 
I don't blame her, it was quite the perfect place to hang out.
Getting some Diet Coke from Mimi of course!
Just being a big girl, eating a salad by the pool.

First Minnie sighting.

Apparently Minnie's nose is the perfect size for chewing on/carrying her.

Lucky little woman was spoiled, staying up late and sleeping in, eating room service pizza on the bed

I just had to take some photos of the darling wallpaper in our hotel room.
She's pretty dang cute too.


  1. So fun and looks so nice where you stayed! Love that they came to visit...and even a stop by TB! Xoxo

  2. Blakes! You always make hanging by the pool with a baby look so easy. I need you to teach me how you do it! Give Rosie a kiss for me. Love you!