October 4, 2013

Halloween at our house

Rosie and I haunted our halls this week.
It took us much longer than it should have, but we watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 
ate lots of snacks, and tried to nap in between, so it took us a few days to get it all done. ha! 
We found the felt spider web at the dollar store, score!

Can't go wrong with cheeseballs- that jar is already half gone by now. 
 We have sparkly bats flying in our kitchen
(found at target, in the dollar section)
 A few other finds from the dollar store. Rosie picked these out. I let her stick those spiders all over the house, she thought it was so much fun. She points to them every time we walk by.


  1. you did such a great job! I'll be lucky if I get pumpkins on our mantle ;). cheers.