November 16, 2016

The importance of sending snail mail, with Pixinote

Since we have lived in many places, we have left little pieces of our hearts there, in the people we met and so deeply loved. It's so good to be home and close by family, but those sweet  friends across the country are dearly missed. We recently discovered Pixinote. It is an easy to use app, allowing you to send good old fashioned snail mail. For $2.50 you choose a photo right from your phone, add a message, address, and it's sent for you. 
No trouble, no post office trips, etc. 
There's really something about opening mail that is just special. It's so personal, thoughtful, and heart warming. It makes me think about my Grandma and how she would mail us cards/letters  for every Holiday, even if we were spending that holiday with her, we would still always get a card in the mail. It was the best feeling. 
Hoping our friends smile when they receive these cute cards!

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